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NanoRad 2017 Pre-Workshop Short Course

The 2017 "International Workshop on Nano-Micro Thermal Radiation" pre-working short course will be held at Harbin Institute of Technology on June 23-24, 2017. The main objective of the pre-workshop short course is to provide the fundamentals, applications and trends in Nano-Microscale Thermal Radiation to young scholars / students.
In addition, we’ll provide lunch and dinner during the Short Course, but the accommodation is self-catering.
Before April 20th, ¥1,500 ($ 250);After April 20th, ¥2,000 ($ 300).


Prof. M. Pinar Menguc
Ozyegin University
Prof. Changying Zhao
Shanghai JiaoTong University
Prof. Zhuomin Zhang
Georgia Institute of Technology
Prof. Zubin Jacob
Purdue University
Prof. Sheng Shen
Carnegie Mellon University
Prof. Ping Yang
Texas A&M University
Prof. Lei Bi
Zhejiang University
Prof. Andrew Dessler
Texas A&M University